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Happy workday!

Find out how to save money on your workplace and create a more fun, more efficient and sustainable workday with our quick and easy Happy Workday test! The test is based on international research, studies and articles from reputable journals, knowledge we want to share with our customers.
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The mood at my workspace is always on top
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My work equipment makes work more fun
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My work space is always tidy
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I always have time to complete my work
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We are an enviromentally aware company
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My work equipments are high quality
About my workspace
My business belongs to the sector
We have
Each employee costs about
Our average sick leave is
Our turnover is about
Millions per year

About us

We at Rahmqvist are experts when it comes to workplaces. For more than 60 years we have created millions of happier, more efficient and sustainable workdays. We have experts in eight different areas to help you get a better, more efficient and healthy workday. Whether you are a single employee or have thousands of employees at your company, we help you get a Happy Workday.

About the test

Our Happy Workday test and its calculations are based on studies, international research and articles from, among others, the Karolinska Institute, the Dale Carnegie, Gallup Institute and Novus regarding joy, efficiency and consideration in workplaces. With our test you can see which areas we can help you to create a more fun, more efficient and sustainable workday in order to achieve your value potential*. If you want more information about our test, please contact us at Happy Workday!*The results in this test is general and should not be seen as a guarantee of future results.

Examples of the data that the test is based on:
At high levels of employee engagement a 6% increased productivity can be seen in relation to an average company.
Soucre: The Gallup Institute

The productivity of a person with high stress hormone is reduced by an average of 9%. For a person with sleep deprivation productivity is reduced by 12%. This means that if one third of the workforce is living with high stress hormones, the total work capacity is reduced by 3%.

Example calculation:
For a company with 100 employees and personnel costs of 50 000 SEK / employee and month, stress results in a loss of 150 000 SEK/month. Annually this becomes 1 800 000 SEK. Adding on a sleep deprivation in 20% of the same workforce means an additional loss of 1 400 000 SEK. Thus a total of 3 000 000 SEK per year in reduced productivity.
Source: The Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet 2017
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