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An accident happens so easily

Being able to save lives is an important skill that everyone can learn. But it is not enough just to buy first aid products for your workplace, everyone needs both the right education and extensive training.

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We offer both theoretical and practical first aid courses at your workplace. Our courses follow the Swedish "Heart-safe zone" standard which is issued by the Swedish Standard Institute. This is a quality assurance for you so you can be confident in us at Businesscare as your choice of educators.

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Internal preparedness is crucial

Each year, 10,000 Swedes suffer from sudden cardiac arrest, but only 550 survive. Scientific studies show that proximity to people with knowledge of CPR and defibrilators (AED) is crucial for a successful intervention in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. In recent years, the number of survivors has almost doubled. With more defibrilators and people who master CPR, many more lives can be saved.

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Learn to save lives

Defibrilators are the only effective help for sudden cardiac arrest. It is not enough just to buy a heart starter, it also requires education. Businesscare provides heart starters both through sales and leasing, and provides education at your workplace.

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