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Better Safe than Sorry

Businesscare is a specialist in first aid at workplaces. With the right education and effective solutions at your workplace, you can prevent and make a difference during the first critical phase after an accident. Contact us to create a safe and secure workplace.

Education & tailored solutions
Long-lasting products
Service & installation included
Complete supplier of first aid

Solutions that solve real problems

We have visited millions of companies and we understand the challenges that exist in your workplace, and we also know how to best solve them. Our unique first aid solutions are carefully designed based on the needs and challenges of real customers to be time-saving and sustainable.

Want to know what we can do for you? A meeting with us is free and helps you find your potential for a Happy Workday!

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How we improve your workday

Imagine a workplace that everyone feels safe to come to everyday, a place that is designed so that you can quickly get help if an accident occurs. This is the basis of everything we do.

Our customized processes help you with everything: from education to choosing the perfect solution that makes your workday both safe and more efficient.

How we have helped our customers

True sustainability

We worked with sustainability before it was hyped. In fact, we typed up our first environmental policy in 1989 and we were the first company in Sweden to acquire ISO certification for both environment and quality. According to our philosophy, sustainability is more than just a question about choice of materials and covers the entire product's journey as well as the product's lifespan. A solution from us is simply more gentle on the environment and lasts longer.

Our sustainability work

First on the market

Businesscare is always at the forefront of development within first aid. Therefore, we are always first on the market with new solutions and with the latest knowledge in our education. Our solutions are designed to be easy to understand and use, but it doesn't hurt that our designed products also look good when they're not being used.

Our products
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Always uniqe

We believe in close relationships with our customers. Therefore, we will never sell anything to you that you do not need. We are always in your vicinity so we can provide you with quick feedback and support. This way we can continuously improve and innovate our solutions and products.

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visited workplaces since 2014
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years of double ISO certification for both environment & quality
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